Lack of energy? Not enough time? Do you constantly feel under pressure?

My name is Miroslav Nečas and I know how to change it!

So, what can I do for you?

I may help you to improve your lifestyle, give it more balance, more passion and energy. I will show you how to live without negative influence of the stress.

And what methods do I use?



Coaching is a method how I may help you to organise your own thoughts and to come up with new ideas. Thus, you will orient yourself better in life or professional situations. The basic tool is a coaching interview.

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It is a therapeutic procedure during which I will measure physiological reactions of your body to various stimuli. Thanks to these exact data, you may achieve a better self-discovery. Thus, you will be able to optimise your physical and mental performance.

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Mental training improves sport or work performance by developing various mental skills e.g.: goal setting, relaxation, concentration, emotion control, positive thinking etc. Mental training is suitable both for sportspeople and managers or creatives.

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Basic principles of my work

  • I treat each client individually, there are no "ready-made" solutions, no instant recommendations, etc.

  • Our relationship must be built on mutual trust, honesty, openness and willingness to change things.

  • I am flexible, I am able to reach you almost everywhere - I may visit you in your home, office, sport facility, etc.

Would you like to change your life?

What will happen next?

  • FREE 30 min coaching interview/consultation (by Skype or phone or even in person - face to face).

  • During this first interview, we will discuss your goals, aims, motivation, plans and other details.

  • Based on your needs and requirements, I will design a plan of meetings, sessions, therapies etc. which I will send you - together with price for the services. (See the price list.)


Are you interested? Would you like to use my services?

+420 603 177 315



Mgr. Miroslav Nečas

Tatranská 860/7
460 01 Liberec

IČO: 04195833


What is coaching?

Coaching (also called life-coaching) or coaching approach to personal or professional development represents a revolutionary change in education. A coach - in contrast to a teacher, lecturer, trainer or instructor - does not instruct, persuade or influence the participant (of coaching session). A coach helps people to develop their own potential. With coach's support, you may clarify your aims and come up with ideas how to accomplish them.


How and when does coaching help?

Coaching approach is applicable in any life situation e.g. when we want to learn something new quickly or when we decide to break a long-term stereotype etc. The coaching develops our competences and it gives answers to the following questions:

  • How to solve problems quickly, inventively and efficiently?  
  • How to improve my abilities?
  • How to initiate creative thinking?
  • How to improve personal relationships?
  • How to improve communication skills?
  • How to achieve your goals - faster and better?
  • How to think inventively and how to learn efficiently?
  • How to improve relationships at the workplace?
  • How to improve teamwork? (work, sport etc.)
  • How to have more time for work and hobbies?

Which coaching methods do I use?

  • I use Grow method (more about the method
  • I also apply NLP principles (neuro-linguistic programming)
  • I work with findings of neurosciences and Evidence-based medicine (EBM). It gives me a very important insight into understanding of how people's thinking and acting works.

  • Paret's rule of 80/20, GTD, rule of 2 minutes
  • Common sense
  • I am a member of ICF (International Coach Federation)



What is biohacking?

Put simply, biohacking is an effort to create the best version of oneself by applying a systematic approach to one's life and biology.


We all know how coffee influences our organism. Caffeine give us energy, we feel fresh and our tiredness disappears. It is a little trick - hack - a biohack!


What we eat and drink has an enormous effect on how we feel. It is similar to listening to music. While smooth jazz induces tranquillity, head-banging metal does the opposite.

Human organism is a complex system. What we put in, influences what comes out of it. However, we are not talking only about excretion - it is more about our health, mental and physical performance and other life outputs

If we want to get better outputs - more energy, focus, better memory, stress and illness resistance, it will be necessary to tune our bodies - to biohack it!

Biohacking tunes our body and mind - in the same way as a mechanic would do it to engine before a race.

The main part of this therapy is creation of biologic stress profile (BSP) from which it is possible to find out how your organism responds to stress. Gathering of these data is the first step on journey to self-discovery and removal of negative effects of the stress.

Today, everybody wants to be stress-resistant. And what about you?

How is BSP profile made?

  • It is 100 % safe, non-invasive psychotherapeutic method

  • The measuring itself takes only 20 minutes and it may be done even in your office, taking the clothes off is not necessary

  • By means of sensors which are placed on the body, physiological data is measured during stress and also while feeling relaxed.

  • Special measuring device ProComp (by ThoughtTechnology) measures the efficiency of body's stress-relieving mechanism, or in other words, how quickly is your body able to return back to relaxed state.

  • It is possible to watch the test progress on the screen in real time.

  • During the test, the device measures the heartbeat, muscle tone, stomach and chest-breathing, galvanic skin resistance and body temperature.

What is biologic stress profile good for?

Thanks to the physiologic data gathered during the test, it is possible to design a training plan or to recommend simple (e.g. breathing) exercises which will lead to an increased stress resistance

What else may BSP influence?

  • Breathing - its quality has an essential impact on performance and concentration

  • Digestion - problems lead to obesity and other lifestyle diseases

  • Muscle tone - leads to tiredness

  • Improved sleep - reduces mood swings

  • Concentration - improves creativity and productivity

  • Faster reaction time - sports people will love this

  • Emotions - emotional stability

  • Lowered drugs/medicine consumption

Is ProComp measuring device reliable?

Definitely yes. This excellent measuring device ProComp by a Canadian company Thought Technology uses more than 40 year of experience and development. ProComp also helps top-sportspeople and professional teams to achieve above-average results. It is used by:

  • FC Chelsea

  • USA Olympic Team

  • Vancouver Canucks

  • Novak Djokovic

  • Roger Federer


Would you like to start winning and perform more than well?

Are you looking for ways of getting advantage over your opponents?

Typical sportspeople usually spend maximum time by trying to increase their physical performance. However, they seem to fail in the most important moments. The reason is fear, pressure, stage fright or lack of concentration. So, is there anything that can be done about it?

Focus on your mind!

Mental training is a proven method of:

  • achieving higher mental resistance
  • removing inner blocks
  • reducing fear and stage fright
  • managing race stress
  • improving game techniques
  • gaining more confidence

What does mental training look like?

  • First, I closely analyse your problem situations
  • Next, I will create an individualised scheme of consultations and coaching sessions, with application of biohacking and self-discovery methods.

Why should you hire me?

  • I apply a combination of knowledge from psychology and physiology.
  • I follow, stud and test current field trends - e.g. mindfulness, bulletproof, etc.
  • I am in touch with other trainers and coaches from Austria, Germany, UK, Italy, Finland, Sweden, USA and Slovakia. Therefore, I am able to consult the situation with other specialists.
  • I have a rich experience with both individual and team sports (ice-hockey, football, basketball, tennis, athletics, cycling, floorball, skiing and gymnastics)
  • I hold MŠMT (Czech Ministry of education, youth and sport) certification - mental/digital trainer and I received a proof of passing the course of biofeedback therapy - by Czech Institute of biofeedback.
  • I apply modern strategies and trends, I keep learning and take part in workshops - e.g.:
    • Workshop USA Olympic Team Peak Performance
    • Workshop Bruno Demichelis Mindroom FC Chelsea
    • SportSummit 2015 konference mentálních trenérů



  • My aim is to provide an unchallenged service which will bring you real benefits and which leads to positive results.
  • By "unchallenged service" I mean a combination of psycho-physiology, coaching and biohacking of European quality. In addition, everything I do is meant to be sustainable. 
  • All of my services are individually designed - all of the programs are "tailor-made".
  • My principle is utmost honest and openness. I am convinced that it saves a lot of energy and time. No excuses, no assumptions. Only hard work - right from the beginning.
  • The prices are set beforehand - You will always know how much I charge before we start.
  • So what is your price for balanced life?

Coaching 90 min

Personal coaching ................................................................…….2500,- CZK

Business coaching.............................................................…………4000,- CZK

Biohacking 90 min

Creation of biological stress profile…..................................……4000,- CZK

(Application of ProComp by Thought Technology - excellent diagnostics used by top facilities around the world)

Mental training 90 min  

 90min session ........................................................................2500,- CZK

Special sport programes


Adjusting of mental and emotional elements of sport performance

  • 5x session with all my services available
  • Coaching, biohacking, mental training
  • Creation of biological stress profile

Price: 11 500,- CZK

Peak performance

Providing sustainable mental and emotional stability for peak sport performance

  • 12x sessions
  • Utilization of all the available services (coaching, biohacking, mental training + creation of biological stress profile)
  • All the services will be adjusted so they meet your time options - your current training plan.
  • Creation of "race manual". (Don't know what that is? Ask me!)
  • Regular communication, monitoring of improvements
  • My presence at you competitions, matches, etc.

Price: 22 000,- CZK

VIP Biohacking

2month transformation program leading to desired life changes - more free time, energy and vitality.   

  • Diagnostics of biochemical process in your body
  • Lifestyle optimization (based on diagnostics)
  • Eating habits analysis, application of superfoods
  • Personal assistance and advice during food shopping
  • Goal setting and discovering of way of achieving them
  • Creation of biological stress profile
  • Stress resistance
  • Sleephacking (Don't know what that is? Ask me!)
  • Mind setting (concentration, bad habits, flow of mind)

This program contains:

  • 4x personal meetings - face to face (90 min)
  • 4x Skype sessions (60 min)
  • 4x E-mail sessions

PRICE: 9 999,- CZK


Testimonials - They say about me


Testimonial #1 - Miroslav Dvořák

Miroslav Dvořák – Nordic combined team Dukla Liberec, elite Czech skier

Miroslav Dvořák – Nordic combined team Dukla Liberec, elite Czech skier

I appreciate 100% reliability. Mirek Nečas always does what he promises. He even recommended a large number of inspirational books which I could read and learn more about important skills such as mental training, better focus, efficiency etc.

I got an interesting experience with biohacking and with measuring of biological stress. This helped me to discover my weaknesses and to find the way how to improve in these areas.

What I really liked was his explanation of how brain works and how to apply the technique of mental relaxation and breathing exercises.

Thanks to cooperation with a coach I changed my view of sports training. I like setting specific motivational goals which helped to feel more confident. I definitely recommend Mr. Nečas to all those who want to improve and change certain things in their lives.


Testimonial #2 - Milan Plodek

Milan Plodek – coach of HC Bílí Tygři (junior team) - Czech ice hockey extra-league Source:

Milan Plodek – coach of HC Bílí Tygři (junior team) - Czech ice hockey extra-league Source:

As far as I am concerned, I must say, that our cooperation has worked fine and I am looking forward to keeping it up. Miro Nečas has brought some new fresh ideas into our team – both for us as coaches and for the boys. Motivational talks are welcomed innovation and they have become an impulse for the players to improve themselves.

Miro Nečas offers a different type of training to the players. The results of individual interviews with the players have already become visible. The players are more confident and they are working on the issues which had previously held them back on the ice. I can more than recommend Mr. Nečas’s services. He is a true professional in every aspect.


Testimonial #3 - Milan Myšík

Milan Myšík - 3. DownMall tour 2015, fourcross champion ČR (men – Elite), 5th at European Championship, 6th at World Cup, 2nd at European Cup, ČR MTB ENDURO (3rd Czech Cup, 7th European Cup)

Milan Myšík - 3. DownMall tour 2015, fourcross champion ČR (men – Elite), 5th at European Championship, 6th at World Cup, 2nd at European Cup, ČR MTB ENDURO (3rd Czech Cup, 7th European Cup)

Right after our first meeting, I got the feeling that I had finally met someone who would help me to achieve higher goals. Most of all, I appreciate Mirek’s 100% effort and enthusiasm for work which he does. His job is his hobby and he is able to transfer his positive energy to me.

I have also tried his biohacking service. I helped me to unveil my strengths and weaknesses. At the moment, we are working on removal of some of my issues in order to eliminate the negative influence of stress during the races. I like the goals we had set – it helps me to achieve much needed confidence. Cooperation with Mirek is recommendable too everyone who is dealing with any kind of problem and he/she would like to move on in life or in performance. 



Testimonial #4 - Lenka Bartošová

Lenka Bartošová – Czech women's football team – coach assistant & head coach at FBC Crazy LBC

Lenka Bartošová – Czech women's football team – coach assistant & head coach at FBC Crazy LBC

Working with Mirek Nečas was just great. Whenever I had a problem, he immediately helped me. Our sessions helped me to become aware of my mistakes and their causes. Then, it was easy to solve these problems.

This cooperation changed mi viewpoints – I see things differently now. I realize that some issues are really petty. Moreover, now I know that anything is possible to sort out – if you use your brain.

I can only recommend Mirek's services. He knows how to work with people and how to show them the right way.


Testimonial #5 - Hana Koníčková

Hana Koníčková – Czech women's floorball team, player in NST Lappeenranta (Finland)

Hana Koníčková – Czech women's floorball team, player in NST Lappeenranta (Finland)

Despite our short cooperation I was quite satisfied because it was very fruitful. Most of all, he taught me to see the problems and their subsequent solutions. It sometimes happens to us that we don't want to admit our difficulties. Although after a few sessions with Mirek I was able to realize important things which helped me a lot. One big benefit of Mirek's services is his ability to adapt the meetings to my schedule so he was available whenever I wanted to talk about my problems.


Testimonial #6 - Pavla Prollová

20 times Czech champion in judo, IV.Dan     Head coach of Judo Beskydy club

20 times Czech champion in judo, IV.Dan

 Head coach of Judo Beskydy club


Testimonial #7 - Daniel Dydowicz

Daniel Dydowicz playing for FC Slovan Liberec

Daniel Dydowicz playing for FC Slovan Liberec

I was really satisfied with Mirek's services – both in terms of communication and in terms of the provided content. I had prepared a few question which I wanted to ask. He answered them all and I was able to come to conclusion. Thanks to this cooperation I could see things from different perspectives and I could think about them deeper. If you choose Mirek, you will not be disappointed.

Testimonial #8 - Tomáš Mojžíš

Tomáš Mojžíš – playing for Czech ice hockey team

Tomáš Mojžíš – playing for Czech ice hockey team

Tomáš is a very experienced defender who has played in many parts of the world. He has played in Canada, the USA, Russia, Sweden, Finland and Belarus. At the moment, he is playing for leading team of the Czech extra-league HC Bílí Tygři Liberec. Interestingly, he has already become a champion both in ice and inline hockey.

We are happy to work with such an experienced player. We may mutually enrich each other in terms of mental performance. Tomáš has been interested in our concept of biohacking. His testimonial will be published here after we finish our sessions.


Testimonial #9 - Mgr.Jan Lysý 

Mgr.Jan Lysý – tennis coach

Mgr.Jan Lysý – tennis coach

We cooperate together in order to help Jan’s individual clients. (E.g.: Anička Panchartek). The outcomes and recommendation resulting from biological stress profile are being implemented into the training concepts. It helps not only in terms of tennis but also in terms of regeneration and work with emotions.

The sessions are still in progress – more details are coming soon.


Testimonial #10 - Porsche Česká republika s.r.o.

Since February 2016, we have been in an exclusive cooperation with Porsche Česká republika. Their testimonial is coming soon.